Interface stand Material Xperience 2018

For Interface flooring we designed an exhibition stand to launch their new carpet tile Conscient. This carpet tile is completely composed of recycled materials: re-use of old tiles, old fishing nets, broken car windshields and bio-based castor beans. For already decennia Interface produces sustainable carpet on a very profound way. We shaped a monolith object which is assembled out of the raw materials  who form the basis of the tile production. The final result, the Conscient tile, encloses the architectonic stacking as a 3D skin.

EMS Euronext

Euronext Amsterdam is the Dutch exchange, which is part of Euronext NV, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone with alsmost 1.300 quoted companies. Euronext applies a federal marktet model and operates in p.e. Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London and Paris. The office is located on Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam, in the monumental building from 1912 designed by the well-known architect Joseph Cuypers. The EMS (Euronext Market Services)  department ensures a fair and orderly conduct of the exchange. We were asked to reorganize their complex way of working located on the attic of the building. Because of the existing construction we designed a compact and efficient shape (“the snake”) in where the analyst do there focused work. We made a new interpretation of the original building style by reusing patterns, using derivative colours and modernise old materials. Even though the client wanted a WOW-factor when you enter the EMS area, we created a calm environment for the employees who are working under great pressure.

Interior NautaDutilh, Amsterdam

G&S Real Estate developed  an entirely new building designed by UN Studio in Amsterdam’s SouthAx district. Medio September NautaDutilh moved into the 12.000m2 office. The project management is handled by the CBRE. DerksdenBoer Interior Architecture made in cooperation with Casper Schwarz Architects a “five-star interior” perfectly tailored to NautaDutilh.

Designteam: Casper Schwarz, Chanthal den Boer, Iris Derks

Installation for atrium Collectionbuilding, Rotterdam

The future Collection Depot designed by MVRDV, next to Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, will be a public building. For the heart of the building, the Atrium, artist Marieke van Diemen, in cooperation with DerksdenBoer Interior Architecture and MVRDV is developing and designing a 3D “Maze” composed from glass and steel. A concept for elements/display cases in a way the collection of the museum is showed in a dazzling and non-hierarchic way.

Interior Atlassian, Amsterdam

The growth of the Australian software development company Atlassian forced her to move into a new location. The new accommodation is located on the Herengracht/Singel. We have developed an interior concept where the meeting rooms and consultation areas clustered around the cores. The connector, a runner incorporated in the carpet and walls, connect the various components, levels and functions together.

Photography: Thijs Wolzak, ©Thea van den Heuvel/DAPh

([nl]) XS4ALL Re-styling huisvesting

XS4all has asked us to make a design for their office at the Teleport Boulevard at Sloterdijk in Amsterdam. XS4all currently occupies part of the 1st floor and the entire 6th floor, in total there is 5100 m2 of office space with a rectangular layout in which a large atrium is centrally located through the building. Our proposal is to divide the circular square shape into different zones where there is a “hybrid” zone for connecting activities. The effective routing is supported by comfortable acoustics. Where necessary, we have softened the spicy black-yellow branding style. And given the premium character of this top service provider, we gave content through layered and nuanced material use.

Interior villa, Hilversum

The residents live and work in their stylish villa from 1909 which is recently completely renovated. The re-styling was adapted to the specific requirements of the owners to realise a new use and layout of the space within the existing architecture. The hand-stenciled wall finishes, the complete palette of colours, custom made carpets, exclusive furniture and art consultation are fully adapted to our clients in this personal project. Unique is the “Music Hall” which offers the opportunity to give chamber concerts.

Entrance UN Studio Tower, Amsterdam

Showroom Silent Gliss, Amsterdam

Silent Gliss, an international supplier for window treatment, moved from showroom Zaandam to Amsterdam. Within a compact space of 80 sqm we focused on the look&feel and identity of the company: creating a comfortable environment. In the centre of the space we created a counter-element on were in/on/around/above/between all information about Silent Gliss can be found. Currently Silent Gliss Benelux is situated in Brussel.

Interior Physio practice, Castricum

In the physiotherapy room of a health-centre in Castricum we made robust but refined furniture elements with a soft and natural look&feel. The result is a balanced and optimal functioning space, in where treatment can be done in rest and peace.

Colour advice commercial building, Amsterdam

For the working place of Photostudio Desiree Dolron we designed a colour concept for the walls in the entrance area. A vertical subdivision of various colours, sometimes a hard gradient, sometimes soft focus. In the corridor the colours are lighter and more spacious; near the pantry/seating area darker and more intimate.

Transformationconcept commercial building Hoorn 80, Hoorn

An investment company commissioned us to produce a usage analysis for a building complex in a business park in Hoorn. Our playful presentation aimed to excite the future users to discover the limitless possibilities of this property.