DerksdenBoer Interior Architecture

basis-tafel-definitief-Iris-derks-Chanthal-den-BoerOur agency cooperates with people, companies and organizations who are aiming for a clean, beautiful and livable world. Our role as designers is to connect and link during this process which gives identity to this ‘Renewed Beauty ‘. We carefully keep in mind the human dimensions, which makes our designs unique in what fits, tunes, beats and colors. We translate the wishes and identity of the client into a interior design which corresponds seamless to the built environment. However, we do not expire in standard solutions, but create an accommodation that matches like a tailored suit to the identity of the client. For that we use specific tools: intuition, common sense, good taste and a wide network. As a guide we use the Well-Building-Standard™.

With a practical and observant vision, we are looking beyond the interior: what lives inside and what is visible from the outside we make to an appropriate whole.